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Business Cards!
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Landing Pages That Do It All.

Share Your Info

Everything you'd put on your paper business card and more!

Generate Leads

Let your leads contact you directly via email from your page.

Custom CTAs

Multiple Call-To-Action sections to drive traffic where you need it most.

Social Linking

Showcase your top social platforms and build your followers.


Share your NOCK Page With a Single Tap ✊ and Leave a Lasting Impression.

NFC Enabled

Instant access to your page when you tap, or "Nock", your tag on an NFC capable device.


No NFC? No problem. Each tag has a unique ID number that matches your Page link.

Eco Friendly

Our tags are made from 60% recycled plastic. Help save ~120,000 trees per year!

Easy to Carry

Beautiful & sleek. Easily slip your NOCK Tag onto your keyring for extra style points!

A Page for Everybody

What Do You Want To Share With The World?

From home owned Etsy shops to massive corporations, NOCK is the perfect tool for telling your brand, or personal, story. We empower everybody with NOCK! Tap a button below to learn more about each of our Pages.

A NOCK Business Page is a multipurpose landing page that highlights all your business details in a beautiful way. Customize your brand identity with logos, colors, media and more. Share your business story!
Once you've set up a NOCK Business Page, you can designate Pages for each of your employees! You have ultimate control over the design and branding, but they get to modify their personal details.
NOCK Personal is a simpler version of our landing pages that highlights your social channels and immediate contact links. It's the ultimate first hello!
While NOCK Pages have a monthly/annual cost associated with hosting the pages, you can also purchase a NOCK Tag and we can link it to any URL of your choice. No monthly/annual fees, just a beautiful new way to share your favorite site.
Reimagining Human Connection

Times surely are a bit Strange Right Now.

It is now, more than ever, that we must rethink the handshake. We need to consciously think about the environment and our impact on our fellow humans. NOCK was born out of necessity, and will grow out of habit.


We May Have Nocked Their Socks Off

We're empowering business owners and entrepreneurs. See what they have to say about thee NOCK Beta!


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